Scott Family to be Honored with the Fischer Family Hall of Fame Award

This Sunday the family of Ralph and Lorraine Scott will officially receive the “Fischer Family Hall of Fame Award” from the Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame Foundation.  After the announcement was made earlier this year that the Scott family would be honored with this special award, members of the family visited with KCNI/KBBN sports back in May about this prestigious honor.  We re-post that story this week as we congratulate the Scott family who will officially be recognized this weekend during a ceremony at Lincoln East high school.

The Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame Foundation recently announced that this year’s recipient of the “Fischer Family Hall of Fame Award” is the family of Ralph and Lorraine Scott.  The foundation describes the award as “an award that honors families whose involvement, contributions, and leadership made a significant impact on the high school sports scene.  To be based on efforts of several members of the same family, to include one, two, even three generations.  Emphasis should be on the athletic prowess of the family, but can also be tied to coaching, officiating and making over-all contributions to high school sports.”  That definition definitely describes the Scott family.

Ralph and Lorraine made their home in Ansley, NE and were blessed with five children.  Two sons, Jerry and Jim, and three daughters, Jill, Judy, and JoAn.  High school sports has been a big part of the Scott family whether it be competing themselves or cheering on members of the family who are competing.  Members of the family took time to visit with Central Nebraska’s Sports Source about this special honor.  When asked what their reaction was when they were first informed that the family would be honored in this way, sons Jim and Jerry said their thoughts were of their mom and dad and other families that have been honored with the award.


For Nathan Scott, his initial reaction went to memories of his grandparents showing up to games to cheer and offer support.


The high school athletic achievements throughout the family are numerous.  When asked to share one of their favorite high school sports memories, granddaughter Skylar Morris shared her memory of grandpa and grandma being in attendance at Burke Stadium in Omaha when she won her first state gold medals in track.


The Scott family will be honored September 25th when the Hall of Fame foundation hosts its annual hall of fame induction ceremony at Lincoln East High School.  The Hall of Fame Foundation is a non-profit organization operating for more than 20 years with the idea of preserving the history of high school sports.

Listen to our full interview with the Scott family