D2-9 All District Football Teams

The D2-9 all district football selections have been released. Teams in the district included Sandhills/Thedford (district champion), South Loup, Mullen, Anselmo-Merna, Leyton, and Hyannis. Sandhills/Thedford had four players selected to the first team offense including Kyle Cox (Quarterback), Connor Cooksley (Running Back), Zeb Wilde (Offensive Line), Kaden Haake (End), and Brady Dahlberg (Kicker). The Knights also had two players selected to the first team defense which included Andrew Furrow (Defensive Line) and Brady Dahlberg (Defensive Line). South Loup had two players selected to the first team offense and three players on the first team defense. Representing the Bobcats on the first team offense were Joey Sallach (Offensive Line) and Trey Connell (Athlete). South Loup players on the first team defense were Lance Jones (Linebacker), Rio Remund (Defensive Line), and Cache Gracey (Defensive Back). Anselmo-Merna’s Sid Miller was a first team offense selection on the offensive line and Quinten Myers was a first team defensive selection at linebacker. Mullen was represented on the first team offense by Eli Paxton (Running Back) and Deacon DeNaeyer (Offensive Line) and was represented on the first team defense by Isaac Welch (Defensive Line), and Chase Gracey (Defensive Back).

The full all district teams and honorees are listed below.

2022 D-9 All District Football

1 st Team Offense
QB: Kyle Cox (SO., Sandhills/Thedford)
RB: Eli Paxton (SR., Mullen)
RB: Connor Cooksley (SR., Sandhills/Thedford)
OL: Zeb Wilde (JR., Sandhills/Thedford)
OL: Sid Miller (SR., Anselmo/Merna)
OL: Joey Sallach (JR., South Loup)
OL: Deacon DeNaeyer (SR., Mullen)
TE/WR: Kaden Haake (SR., Sandhills/Thedford)
TE/WR: Justin Ernest (SR., Leyton)
ATH: Trey Connell (JR., South Loup)
KICKER: Brady Dahlberg (JR., Sandhills/Thedford)

1 st Team Defense:
DL: Isaac Welch (SR., Mullen)
DL: Rio Remund (JR., South Loup)
DL: Andrew Furrow (SR., Sandhills/Thedford)
DL: Brady Dahlberg (JR., Sandhills/Thedford)
LB: Lance Jones (SR., South Loup)
LB: Wyatt Phillips (SR., Hyannis)
LB: Quinten Myers (JR., Anselmo/Merna)
DB: Chase Gracey (JR., Mullen)
DB: Cache Gracey (JR., South Loup)
K/P RETURNER: Justin Ernest (SR., Leyton)

2022 D-9 All District Football

2 nd Team Offense
QB: Max Kostman (SR., Hyannis)
RB: Tyce Porter (JR., Anselmo/Merna)
RB: Luke Durfee (JR., Mullen)
OL: Clay Witthuhn (SR., South Loup)
OL: Jakob Kruse (SR., Leyton)
OL: Rhett McFadden (JR., Sandhills/Thedford)
TE: Colin Winkelbauer (SR., Sandhills/Thedford)
TE: Myles Andersen (SO., Hyannis)

2 nd Team Defense
DL: Kaleb Borges (JR., Leyton)
DL: Tel Kvanvig (SR., Mullen)
DL: Chance Carter (SR., Leyton)
DL: Sam McMillan (SR., Anselmo/Merna)
LB: Ezekiel Heaton (SR., Hyannis)
LB: Dawson Juelfs (SR. Leyton)
LB: Coby Higgins (JR., Sandhills/Thedford)
DB: Trenton Rushman (JR., Leyton)
DB: Jake Connell (SR., Hyannis)

Honorable Mention:
Justin French (SO., Mullen)
Caden Zutavern (SO., Sandhills/Thedford)
Zane Druery (Sr., Anselmo/Merna)
Ethan Furne (SO., South Loup)
Ben Connell (SO., Hyannis)
Damyn Russ (SR., Leyton)