D2-9 All District Football Team

The D2-9 All District football team has been released. The D2-9 district consists of Sandhills/Thedford, Ansley/Litchfield, Pleasanton, Sandhills Valley, Twin Loup, and South Loup. It was a great year for the district as district champion Sandhills/Thedford qualified for the Class D2 state championship game and finished as state runner-up. Ansley/Litchfield made it to the Class D2 state quarterfinals and Pleasanton and Sandhills Valley were both state playoff qualifiers.


First Team
QB – Leyton Rhode, Ansley-Litchfield (Jr.)
RB – Dane Pokorny, Sandhills-Thedford (Sr.)
RB – Treven Wendt, Pleasanton (Sr.)
OL – Carter Klein, Pleasanton (Sr.)
OL – Zeb Wilde, Sandhills-Thedford (So.)
OL – Parker Ballenger, Sandhills-Thedford (Sr.)
TE – Calvin Finley, Ansley-Litchfield (Sr.)
TE – Caden Holm, Ansley-Litchfield (Sr.)
ATH – Cole Kramer, Sandhills Valley (Jr.)
KR/PR – Trae Hickman, Sandhills-Thedford (Sr.)
P – Kray Kingston, Pleasanton (Sr.)

First Team
DL – Drew McIntosh, Sandhills-Thedford (Sr.)
DL – Karter Moore, Ansley-Litchfield (Jr.)
DL – Andrew Furrow, Sandhills-Thedford (Jr.)
LB – Cooper Slingsby, Ansley-Litchfield (Sr.)
LB – Reece Zutavern, Sandhills-Thedford (Sr.)
LB – Coy Johnston, Sandhills Valley (Jr.)
LB – Slate Micheel, Twin Loup (Jr.)
DB – Seth Scranton, Sandhills-Thedford (Sr.)
K – Brayden Guggenmos,Sandhills-Thedford(Jr.)

Second Team – Offense
QB – Trey Connell, South Loup (So.)
RB – Jaxton Starr, Sandhills Valley (Jr.)
RB – Sam Loy, Ansley-Litchfield (Sr.)
OL – JySeann Pugh, Pleasanton (Sr.)
OL – Tad Dimmitt, Sandhills Valley (Jr.)
OL – Brady Dahlberg, Sandhills-Thedford (So.)
TE – Quincy Ryker, Twin Loup (So.)
TE – Gavin Cole, Ansley-Litchfield (Sr.)
K/P – Alvaro Ferran, Sandhills-Thedford (Jr.)

Second Team – Defense
DL – Stetson Bottorf, Twin Loup (Jr.)
DL – Nekoda Essman, Twin Loup (Jr.)
DL – Kade Bottorf, Twin Loup (Sr.)
LB – Kooper Barnum, Sandhills Valley (Sr.)
LB – Chase Pawloski, Pleasanton (Sr.)
LB – Lance Jones, South Loup (Jr.)
DB – Kaden Haake, Sandhills-Thedford (Jr.)
DB – Caleb Burnside, Sandhills Valley (Jr.)
ATH – Kyle Cox, Sandhills-Thedford (Fr.)


Cooper Layher, Sandhills Valley (So.) Jake Halstead, South Loup (Sr.)
Kaden Keaschall, Pleasanton (So.) Rio Remund, South Loup (So.)
Blake Wilson, Pleasanton (Jr.) Cache Gracey, South Loup (So.)
Luke Pawloski, Pleasanton (Fr.) Dawson Doggett, South Loup (So.)
Waylon McBride, Twin Loup (So.) Nathan Wardyn, Ansley-Litchfield (Sr.)
Connor Cooksley, Sandhills-Thedford (Jr.) Rhett McFadden, Sandhills-Thedford (So.)