D2-7 All District Football Teams

The D2-7 all district football selections have been released.  Teams from the KCNI/KBBN coverage area that played in the D2-7 district this season were Twin Loup, Ansley/Litchfield, and Burwell.  They were joined in the district by Central Valley, Elm Creek, and Overton.  Twin Loup had four first team selections including Slate Micheel (Linebacker), Stetson Bottorf (Defensive Line), Quincy Ryker (Running Back), and Garrett Schneider (Offensive Line).  Ansley/Litchfield had two first team selections which included Luke Bailey (Receiver) and Karter Moore (Defensive Line).  Burwell had three first team honorees including Wryder Svoboda (Receiver), Titus Gideon (Quarterback), and Gus Elliott (Linebacker).

Second team honors went to the following area athletes:
Twin Loup
Rusty Oxford (Quarterback)
Nekoda Essman (Offensive Line)
Cael Richardson (Safety)
Garrett Keith (Safety)

Ashton Behmerwold (Linebacker)
Zack Loy (Center)

Hagen Hodges (Defensive End)
Gauge DeGroff (Defensive Line)

Honorable Mention from the area included Logan Rugg and Waylon McBride of Twin Loup ; Isaac Busch and Hayes Jensen of Burwell ; and Leyton Rohde, Dillion Haynes, and Owen Cunningham of Ansley/Litchfield

Class D2-7 All District Football Team 2022
1st Team
Carter Erickson 190 Sr LB Elm Creek
Beau Knapp 175 Sr QB Elm Creek
Dylan Carr 250 Sr DL Elm Creek
Brody Schopke 200 S0 OL Elm Creek
Jaxon Smith 145 Jr DE Elm Creek
Kade Sindt 165 Jr DB Elm Creek
Ty Landers 150 Sr LB Central Valley
Grady Kelly 180 So S Central Valley
Treyven Straka 215 Jr OL Central Valley
Zandar Wolf 185 Sr RB Central Valley
Keean Benson 210 Sr OL Central Valley
Slate Micheel 200 Sr LB Twin Loup
Stetson Bottorf 190 Sr DL Twin Loup
Quincy Ryker 165 Jr RB Twin Loup
Garett Schneider 185 Sr OL Twin Loup
Wryder Svoboda 180 Jr WR Burwell
Titus Gideon 160 Sr QB Burwell
Gus Elliott 180 Sr LB Burwell
Luke Bailey 165 So WR Ansley/Litchfield
Karter Moore 210 Sr DL Ansley Litchfield
Tripp Davenport 170 So OLB Overton

2nd Team
Shay Hubbard 180 Sr. TE Elm Creek
Nikk Brummels 170 Jr DE Elm Creek
Trent Watkins 170 Sr TE Elm Creek
Isaiah Quintana 140 Jr RB Elm Creek
Dierks Nekoliczak 160 Jr QB Central Valley
Taesian Soto 160 So CB Central Valley
Cohen Grossart 185 Sr OL Central Valley
Boston Wood 140 So WR Central Valley
Rusty Oxford 180 Sr QB Twin Loup
Nekoda Essman 230 Sr OL Twin Loup
Cael Richardson 160 Sr S Twin Loup
Garrett Keith 160 Jr S Twin Loup
Hagen Hodges 200 Jr DE Burwell
Gauge DeGroff 200 So DL Burwell
Ashton Behmerwohld 180 Jr LB Ansley/Litchfield
Zack Loy 200 Jr C Ansley/Litchfield
Dylan Pooschke 180 Jr OL Overton
Hayden Muirhead 160 So LB Overton

Honorable Mention
Kolton Kenning Elm Creek
Donovan Burns Central Valley
Tanner Landers Central Valley
Aiden Freeman Central valley
Logan Rugg Twin Loup
Waylon McBride Twin Loup
Isaac Busch Burwell
Hayes Jensen Burwell
Leyton Rhode Ansley/Litchfield
Dillion Haynes Ansley/Litchfield
Owen Cunningham Ansley/Litchfield
Will Kulhanek Overton
Connor Shively Overton