Area Youth Participate in Broken Bow Junior Golf Camp

The 2021 Jr. Golf Tournament was held at the Broken Bow Country Club on June 29, 2021. 35 kids participated in the tournament, the culmination of Jr. Golf Camp which was held throughout the month of June. First and second places were awarded in 8 categories: Boys Level 1 (3 holes), Boys and Girls Levels 2 and 3 (6 holes), and Boys and Girls Levels 4 and 5 (9 holes). A putting contest was also held for each level combined boys and girls.


Level 1 Boys:

1st Place: Mason Govier

2nd Place: Gabe Winter

Level 1 Putting Contest: Ricky Padilla

Level 2 Girls:

1st Place: Malloree Bartak

2nd Place: Grace Garcia

Level 2 Boys:

1st Place: Cooper Loughran

2nd Place: Bowen Ridder

Level 2 Putting Contest: Emersyn Palmer

Level 3 Girls:

1st Place: Tylee Fenton

Level 3 Boys:

1st Place: Garrett Johnk

2nd Place: Chase Johnson

Level 3 Putting Contest: Tylee Fenton

Level 4 Girls:

1st Place: Anslee Campbell

2nd Place: Addisen Loughran

Level 4 Boys:

1st Place: Adrian Gibbons

2nd Place: Ahren Finney

Level 4 Putting Contest: Lincoln Adams

Level 5 Boys:

1st Place: Jack White

2nd Place: Cooper White

Level 5 Putting Contest: Trevin Klein