Surveyor Goes Hollywood

NORFOLK – A fast-food company recently did something that has many people talking and one Nebraska man played a big role in the project.

Dick Johnson is the owner of Johnson Engineering in Norfolk.

Last month an advertising company, working on a record-setting television ad for Arby’s, contacted Johnson Engineering for a land survey.

Johnson’s company performed the survey of the land and also signed off with Guinness World Records, verifying that the ad was the largest of its kind.

It was what Dick had to do, that was not in his job description, which came as a surprise.

“The director came up and said, ‘we’d like to get a shot of you in it [commercial] too, here’s what you do.’ So, I went over and stood where they told me too, we did two or three takes and that was it… it was a surprise [to me].”

The 5-acre sign, located in an alfalfa field in Monowi, was part of a commercial promoting Coke products that are now available at Arby’s.

The ad set a world record for being the largest advertising poster, ironically, located in a town with the state’s smallest population.