Permit Granted For Another Wind Farm In Custer County

CUSTER COUNTY— Anywhere between 88-110 wind turbine towers will be going up in the southeast part of Custer County. The Prairie Hills Wind Farm project was given the go-ahead on Tuesday, October 9 after a unanimous vote by the Custer County Board of Supervisors granted a three year conditional use permit to Sempra Renewables. The project is slated to begin around the year 2020 and involves four townships and around 90 land owners.

The land owners in attendance were very much in favor of the project stating the clean use and the dislike of coal. Another stated that this project can help out the land owners but also everyone involved in the project. The turbines will be between 80-92 meters tall (not counting the blades), there will be 9-10 miles of above ground transmission line, an operation and maintenance building, 3-5 meteorological towers, along with other lines and access roads.

A conditional use permit was also granted to a couple who will opening up a dog rescue and shelter 12mi. west of Callaway. The shelter will be a no-kill shelter and will be used for taking in strays as well as a groomers section to help clean up the dogs.

Bids were read on three Oconto bridges for supplies from Midwest Service and Sales from Schuyler, NE and Ace Irrigation from Kearney, NE. Ace Irrigation was selected for supplies on two of the bridges with the first bridge materials being priced at $35,078.60 and the second bridge priced at $32,677.20. The third bridge was awarded to Midwest Service with their bid coming in at $28,911.96 for materials.

Two new pickups were approved for purchase by the board from Sandhills Motor in Arnold for the Custer County Sheriff’s Office. The two vehicles, 2019 Dodge Crew Cab 4×4’s, will be purchased for $29,500 each after a $18,500 trade in value was given for a 2015 Dodge Ram. The two new patrol vehicles will be to replace the old Dodge and also a vehicle for the new Deputy Sheriff.

Finally, approval was given to close the road from Highway 70 to 5th Ave. This is due to the Custer County Disaster Drill that will be taking place on Saturday, October 13. Security will be posted at each intersection of the road to only allow residents to their homes or to the vet clinic. No thru traffic will be allowed on the closed section of the road. The road will re-open following the completion of the drill.