Mayor Proclaims Arbor Day April 27

Mayor Proclaims Arbor Day April 27
(L-R) Mayor Cecil Burt reads Arbor Day proclamation as councilmen Rod Sonichsen and Neal Neth listen

BROKEN BOW—This coming Friday is Arbor Day and during Tuesday’s City Council meeting, Mayor Cecil Burt officially proclaimed the holiday. He referenced J. Sterling Morton and the first Arbor Day back in 1872 in which one million trees were planted throughout Nebraska. Mayor Burt urged all citizens to “support efforts to care for trees and woodlands and promote the well-being of present and future generations.”

The city council approved the RV park rate increase, based on the recommendation from the Park Board and Parks Superintendent Darren Marten to increase the weekly rates, as well as the monthly rates from May to August. (Click here to view the April 3 Park Board story.)

One night: Current $20 Park Board Recommends no change
Weekly: Current $100 — Recommends increasing to $120
Monthly: Current $380  Recommends seasonal rate of $500/month May 1 through August 31. (The seasonal rate is based on a 30-day month, allowing five free nights.) Monthly rate to remain at $380 September 1 through April 30.

The advertising of bids was approved for paving on South 19th Avenue. Resolution 2018-30 was approved for a $3,180 payment to JEO for work completed on 2018 paving improvements. A payment of $1,425 was also approved to JEO for work completed on the Broken Bow Fire Hall coordination regarding checking soil samples before pouring concrete.

“Since we didn’t get it poured last fall, of course with moisture and those things, we wanted to check to make sure before you pour $200,000 worth of concrete that the subgrade is adequate as well as that the core samples and the concrete were checked, as well making sure that it was consistent and that we would have a good product from the subcontractor,” City Administrator Brent Clark said during the meeting.

A 1995 Ford bucket truck was declared surplus because the electric department recently purchased a new truck. The old one will be sold.

Payments to Miller and Associates ($11,803.75) and JEO ($700) were approved for work completed at the C & D Cell and on the CD Landfill NDEQ.

The council also approved the police department handbook, which has been updated since the Broken Bow Police Department decertified from a union. Councilman Neal Neth thanked everyone who took the time to review the updated handbook.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 12:20 p.m.