City Council Approves Street Closure during Hear Nebraska Good Living Tour

BROKEN BOW—The Hear Nebraska Good Living Tour will be kicking off its summer tour in Broken Bow June 8 and 9. (Click here to view the March 6 story.) During Tuesday’s City Council meeting, Deb McCaslin with the Custer Economic Development Corporation asked the council to approve an all-day street closure on Saturday June 9 along south D and South 9th Avenue. The day will include a mobile skateboard park, educational and fine art opportunities for youth such as writing and photography classes, food vendors, and live band performances and a street dance.

Broken Bow Legends Neighborhood Grill asked for a Special Designated (Liquor) License (SDL) for June 9. The street dance will take place in front of the restaurant and portions of South D Street and South 9th Avenue will be utilized for the event. McCaslin reported that $3,000 was donated by Custer County Tourism and $2,000 donated by the Custer County Foundation to bring the Good Living Tour to town. The council approved the street closure and SDL application.

The council took care of some housekeeping items including clarifying who can put items on a council agenda (mayor, city administrator, clerk, and council president) as well as approving the Return to Work Program.

A change order decrease was approved for the Library Project. The decrease was in the amount of $6,244.33 to bring the contract total to $1,479,874.85 for the library project. The second to last payment to Chief Construction was approved in the amount of $5,512.46 for library renovation.

Payment to JEO was approved for Flood Risk Reduction in the amount of $6,879.00, as was $750 for work on the Broken Bow Comprehensive Plan and Zoning/Subdivision regulations.

The council discussed wages and salaries and approved an amendment to include the change that police officers have decertified from a local union.

The next City Council meeting will be on Tuesday, March 27 at 12 p.m.