Columbus Man Missing Over 3 Months, Mother Offers Reward

COLUMBUS – It’s been over 3 months since a Columbus 21-year-old has gone missing, and the family says they are still looking for solid leads.

Amber Garrett says her son, Joseph A. Voecks, has been missing since January 14th, and was last seen leaving a Burger King in Norfolk. Voecks was last seen wearing a black American Eagle sweater, white tennis shoes, blue jeans, and a black leather jacket. Garrett says Voecks also wears glasses.

Voecks is listed as 6’3″ tall, weighing 220 lbs, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Garrett says she believes her son could be in danger, and says she is begging for anyone with any knowledge of where he may be to come forward.

Garrett says officials are asking for solid leads. Garrett says solid leads could include getting a vehicle type or license plate if someone sees Joseph inside it, or any locations where the 21-year-old has been seen.

Garrett says she would like to offer a small reward to someone who can give solid information that leads to finding her son.

If you have information on Voecks’ whereabouts you can contact your local authorities, or Garrett says you can call her directly at 402-910-9328