Board of Supervisors Approves Bid for Courthouse Elevator Construction

CUSTER COUNTY—After receiving two bids, the Custer County Board of Supervisors voted to award the bid to Myers Construction for the elevator and bathroom portion of the courthouse renovations. The bid was higher than the board anticipated, but the motion awarded the bid in the amount of $458,800 while also giving Chairman Barry Fox the opportunity to negotiate as some costs may be reduced as work continues.

JEO Consulting Group Inc. had reviewed the bid and a bid from Chief Construction before giving their recommendation of Myers to the board. Don Olson made the motion to approve the bid, Matt Eggleston seconded the motion, Dwain Bryner and Bobby Myers abstained.

Recycling Manager Kelly Flynn reported that after the board voted to approve a $0.02 per pound cost on outside-county recycling at the March 13 meeting, all of the other counties previously bringing in their recycling have continued to do so.

The board of supervisors approved Resolution #22-2018 to transfer funds from the General Miscellaneous fund to cover budgets shortages in the County Attorney Fund and County Attorney Child Support Fund. County Attorney Steve Bowers said the shortages were due to a clerical error as well as extenuating circumstances that are not anticipated for the average fiscal year.

Special designated liquor licenses were approved to Mad Duck LLC for Comstock Rock July 20-22 as well as the Arnold Fire Department Golf Tournament on July 21.

Resolutions #23-2018 and #24-2018 were signed by Fox for the 2018 Sandhills Open Road Challenge, August 8-11. He also signed a letter of agreement for the state audit.

Matt Zier with Cornhusker State Industries (CSI) also appeared before the board to talk about courthouse renovation furniture needs. CSI builds quality wood and upholstery products by providing work experience to incarcerated men and women to help them reenter into society.