County Board to Charge other Counties for Recycling Services

CUSTER COUNTY—Recycling Manager Kelly Flynn appeared before the Custer County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday morning to give a quarterly update. He reported that cardboard prices are down currently and there is not much of a market for plastic bags. All recycling items from outside the county are brought in to town and there is currently no charge for other communities to do so. Barry Fox told the board that it costs thousands of dollars per month for all recycling work done in Custer County. All equipment is paid for with grants according to Flynn.

Supervisor Don Olson said, “It’s good to recycle but where do we draw the line?” Matt Eggleston said the county cannot subsidize the costs of 13 different counties that recycle in Broken Bow. He made a motion to charge $0.02 per pound for recycling brought in from outside Custer County. A letter will be sent to counties for this to take effect April 1.

The board approved Resolution #7R-2018 for posted load limit signs on various roads throughout the county. A 15-ton limit was discussed for semi/tractor trailers and a 10-ton limit for other vehicles. A traffic infraction would be imposed for violating the load limits. Resolution #8R-2018 was also approved for permits to exceed limits to be granted to individuals or entities when the permit is based on the need to maintain economic stability.

Highway Superintendent Chris Jacobsen told the board he has been encouraged by the project engineer to approve a bid for a bridge project along Sargent Road east of Gates. As discussed at the previous meeting, the highway committee has yet to hear a response from the Corps of Engineers regarding permits, but Oak Creek Engineering recommended moving forward. A bid was awarded to both Husker Engineering (Burwell) and Diamond Engineering (Grand Island), according to Jacobsen.

The board approved a bid from Midwest Service and Sales of Schuyler in the amount of $62,995.90 for a bridge project northwest of Callaway. Highway Superintendent Chris Jacobsen also discussed a grading project and low water stream crossing east of Mason City.

The board discussed road improvements between Gates and Sargent and other upcoming projects.

Custer Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) Executive Director Deb McCaslin presented the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) end-of-year report. The CDBG operates as a business loan fund for startup and expanding businesses. The board approved a change in loan terms for Geared4Sports in Broken Bow. The goal of the CDBG is to help businesses be successful while still honoring the county loan.