Key Eastman Helper Slow-Walking TV Support

Omaha, NE.—It’s good news and bad news for Omaha’s Kara Eastman.

The good news: Part of a GOP attack ad, the first of two already airing with more presumably on the way, has been rated false.

The bad news: Eastman, the Democrat running to upend 2nd District Republican Congressman Don Bacon, is apparently having trouble firing back.

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Team Eastman has called the ad “a scare tactic and smear campaign” but those fighting words have only shown up in news releases, not a TV commercial where she would counter the GOP head-on.  And, according to a recent fund raising letter targeting the attack ad, Eastman makes it clear she knows the difference, “We need your help to continue to fight back…every dollar you donate will be used to reach more voters at their homes (AKA on TV)…”

At the same time, one key national Democratic group isn’t planning on rushing to Eastman’s side for several lmore weeks.

While the GOP ad, courtesy of the Congressional Leadership Fund, has been up and running for several days, the Democratic antidote—the House Majority PAC—and its likely assault on Bacon, isn’t scheduled to hit the air in Omaha until October 16, according to public records from Omaha’s top two rated news stations.

That’s right October 16, just three weeks before Election Day, giving the GOP more than a month-long head start.

A spokesperson for the House Majority PAC downplayed their slow-go.

“A number of strategic factors help determine which markets and weeks we reserve airtime, including in many cases working to ensure Democrats aren’t out communicated on the airwaves in the final weeks before Election Day,” Press Secretary Hannah Blatt tells News Channel Nebraska.

According to its website, House Majority PAC is on the air in at least five other states, including right across the river in Iowa. HMPAC is running attack ads in two Iowa races, two in Virginia and one each in Minnesota, New York and Washington State.

In the meantime, Eastman has decided to go after Bacon herself—always a risky move because attackers run the risk of looking nasty, losing  votes they might otherwise get—accusing him of “cutting Medicare and Social Security.”

“In 2016, outside groups like those supporting Eastman spent millions of dollars in this district to convince seniors I was opposed to Social Security,” says Bacon. “Voters knew then it was a lie, and they still know it today.”

Eastman has not responded to requests by News Channel Nebraska for comment regarding this story.

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