Two plea agreements made, warrant issued in District Court on Thursday

Seven cases were continued in Custer County District Court on Thursday morning, but three cases progressed forward.

Ryley Dickau, age 19 of Broken Bow, was arraigned as the first case of the morning. Following, her attorney and Custer County Attorney Steven Bowers informed the court that a plea agreement had been reached and that she had also been accepted into problem solving court. Dickau pled guilty to possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine, a class IV felony. A class IV felony carries no minimum sentence and a maximum of two years imprisonment and twelve months post-release supervision, a $10,000 fine, or both. As a result of her guilty plea, per the agreement with the state the other charges against her were dropped. She was ordered to appear for her first drug court appearance on May 26.

Cooper Brass, age 22 of Broken Bow, appeared for a pretrial hearing. His attorney Andrew Hanquist and County Attorney Steven Bowers indicated that a plea agreement had been reached in his case as well. By entering a plea of guilty or no contest to two charges of stalking (both class IIIA felonies), the other charges against Brass would be dismissed. Class IIIA felonies carry a minimum charge of no imprisonment and 9 months post-release supervision if imprisonment is imposed. The maximum penalty is three years imprisonment and 18 months post release supervision or a $10,000 fine, or both. After Brass pled no contest to both charges of stalking, Judge Noakes found him guilty of the charges and ordered a pre-sentence investigation. His sentencing will take place June 23 at 10:30 am.

The last case of the day that wasn’t continued was for Jill Janssen, age 58 of Grand Island. Janssen was scheduled to appear for a revocation of probation hearing. It was stated that Janssen had been served documents on May 10 ordering her to appear in court. She did not appear, and as a result the state requested that a bench warrant be issued. Judge Noakes authorized a warrant for Janssen’s arrest and set bond at 10% of $5,000.