Sandhills Task Force to Host Two Workshops for Ranchers This Month

Sandhills Task Force to Host Two Workshops for Ranchers This Month
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BROKEN BOW – The Sandhills Task Force will be hosting a series of workshops to help shed a little more light on the complexities of ranch management later this month.

Whether struggling with the seeming constant fluctuation of prices and the cattle industry’s curious nature of rarely following suit or harnessing the desire for growth and profit within an operation, business acumen has never been more necessary for cattlemen looking to keep their ranches thriving.

The Sandhills Task Force, in partnership with the Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, and UNL’s Extension Office, has provided the pair of workshops at no cost to interested ranchers. The first will take place at the Gudmundsen Research Lab on November 9 at 9:30 a.m. Mountain Standard Time, and the second at the Atkinson Community Center on November 10 at 9:30 Central Standard Time.

Both workshops will include presentations from a specialized accountant and banker in the morning and will be followed by a free lunch and a rancher panel in the afternoon. The panel will focus on record-keeping strategies to streamline the often unwieldy process of keeping a ranch’s books in order.

Other topics to be discussed will include debt management and risk analysis, as well as general accounting tips. The goal of both workshops, according to a release from the Sandhills Task Force, is to help ranchers to view their business in a different light by encouraging profitable, private ranching and thus helping Sandhills communities flourish for generations to come.

Registration is free, but an RSVP is required if attendees would like to receive the free meal. Reservations can be made by calling or texting Cody at 308-430-1312 or by visiting the Sandhills Task Force website.