Runza and Teammates Bring Back Fall Collaboration

BROKEN BOW – The annual Teammates collaboration is back once again: the Broken Bow area Teammates chapter will be pairing up with Runza on Tuesday, September 20 for a day-long fundraiser to support both the Broken Bow and Anselmo-Merna chapters of the Teammates mentoring program.

Ten percent of all the day’s sales will go to support Teammates programs, which go to build community between mentors and mentees beyond regular engagement, says mentor Betsy Smith.

“When we have a fundraiser like this, it goes to support a lot of activities we have with the kids. We’re going to have pizza parties, hopefully, we’ll be able to go to a UNK football game with the mentors and mentees, or we go bowling in the winter. Things like that, that are outside of the normal, weekly meetings the mentor and mentee have at school.”

While some of the benefits are tangible and one-of-a-kind experiences, Smith says that there are more hidden benefits to the fundraising efforts that are just as valuable for both mentors and mentees in the Teammates program.

“That just allows us to support those relationships and building those relationships through those outside activities.”

The event also will give community members curious about the Teammates program to engage with Broken Bow and Anselmo-Merna chapter mentors on-site who experience the benefits first hand.

“Any of us would be more than willing to talk about our experiences, what kind of commitment it takes, which isn’t very much time out of the week, just one meeting a week over a lunch hour is usually how we do it.”

Giving back to the community’s youth through the program, Smith says, is unlike anything else.

“The feeling you get after those meetings, is just amazing. When you give back, you always get more out of it than what you give, and it’s so true in being a Teammates mentor.”

A close second, though, might be that first bite of a Runza.