One-On-One Free Clinics With Ag Law Attorney And Ag Finance Counselor For Farms And Ranches

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture and Legal Aid of Nebraska are sponsoring free farm and ranch finance clinics in April at a number of locations throughout Nebraska. These clinics are for farmers and ranchers and their families. They are confidential, one-on-one sessions with an experienced Ag Law attorney and Ag finance counselor.

These clinics have been offered in Nebraska since 1989. In a roughly hour-long session, you are welcome to bring up whatever issues might be affecting your farm or ranch. In general, clinic discussions often involve estate and succession planning, financial and operational issues, beginning farmer programs, real estate and lease matters, fence law, property rights, farm loans and loan programs, and debtor/creditor law, This is an opportunity to obtain an experienced outside opinion on issues that may be affecting your farm or ranch. Bring your questions!

The FREE farm and ranch clinics will be in these locations for April:

  • Valentine
    • Friday, April 22
  • Norfolk
    • Wednesday, April 27
  • Grand Island
    • Friday, April 29

To sign up for a clinic or for more information, call Michelle at the Nebraska Farm Hotline: 1-800-464-0258.