Man Accused Of Damaging Reed’s Food Center In Arnold Takes Plea Deal

Michael Larreau, 25 of Arnold, will likely spend a year on probation following a plea deal during Custer County District Court on Thursday, April 21.

Prior to being arraigned on the amended charge, Custer County Deputy Attorney Kayla Haberstick submitted a competency evaluation that was completed prior to Larreau’s first appearance. According to Haberstick, after being stabilized, the evaluation found Larreau has the mental capacity to stand trial and asked the court to follow the competency evaluation. District Judge Karin Noakes agreed to the evaluation and it was accepted and sealed by the court.

During the arraignment, Larreau’s attorney Matthew Furrow informed the court a plea agreement had been reached which would reduce the two felony charges to a single misdemeanor charge. According to Furrow, Larreau would plea guilty or no contest to a reduced charge of criminal mischief-causing damage in excess of $1,500 but less than $5,000, and the felony burglary charge would be dropped. In addition, the county attorney’s office would not seek restitution due to Larreau’s inability to pay.

Larreau pled no contest to the criminal mischief charge and his case was set for sentencing on June 2 at 9:45 AM. While Larreau could face up to a year in jail, bost parties were likely going to reccommend probation.

According to the factual basis, Larreau had been caught on security cameras breaking a window and door at Reed’s Food Center in Arnold in December of 2021. He was also seen breaking cash registers, a Nebraska Lottery machine, and causing damage throughout the inside of the store.

A bench warrant for Acacia Lash, 34 of Broken Bow, was issued after she failed to appear for her probation revocation hearings. According to her attorney Gary Peterson, he has not had contact with her in quite some time. He noted that he had been informed by the county attorney’s office that she may be hospitalized, but neither his office nor the attorney’s office could confirm if this were the case. Peterson said it was not out of the ordinary for Lash to be in and out of hospitals due to multiple medical conditions.

Habersitck agreed that she was unable to confirm if Lash had been hospitalized, but objected to a continuance as Lash has failed to appear in the past. Judge Noakes issued a bench warrant for 10% of $1,000 in two of the cases Lash was set to appear for. Lash could be resentenced on charges of theft by unlawful taking and criminal attempt of forgery (both Class I misdemeanors).

While also facing probation revocation, Lash is also accused of 3rd-degree assault on an officer/health care professional (Class IIIA Felony) from October 2021.