In The Loup: Conservation Tree Sales Are Underway

In The Loup: Conservation Tree Sales Are Underway
Upper Big Blue NRD Photo.

The Lower Loup Natural Resources District began accepting orders for conservation tree and shrub seedlings on November 1st. The trees are sold across the District to landowners seeking to implement windbreaks, wildlife habitat, buffer strips, or other conservation practices.

Each tree or shrub is a two-year-old bare root seedling and approximately 12 to 18 inches tall. The price on all trees and shrubs is $1.05 per seedling plus sales tax. Each species must be ordered in lots of 25. Property owners can hand plant trees and shrubs or request the NRD machine plant them.

The Lower Loup’s machine planting charge is 75 cents per tree, plus tax, and the minimum charge is $200. The District also provides a weed spraying service. The charge is $45 plus $3 per hundred feet of row.

Cost-share assistance may be available. More information can be found from your nearest Natural Resouces Conservation Service office or from the Lower Loup Natural Resources District.

North Central District Forester Richard Woollen of the Nebraska Forest Service said seedlings are sold on a first-come, first-served basis and supplies are limited. The forester suggested landowners contact the NRCS to get the planning process underway. He said that getting an early start will ensure a good species selection.

To order conservation trees, contact your local NRCS office, visit, or call the Lower Loup NRD at (308) 728-3221.