Highway 2 Reopens Amidst Halsey Fire

Highway 2 Reopens Amidst Halsey Fire
Wildfire at Nebraska National Forest at Halsey. Photo: Nebraska National Forests and Grasslands Facebook Page.

HALSEY—According to Custer County Emergency Manager Mark Rempe, Highway 2 is reopened as of Monday morning (October 3, 2022) between Dunning and Thedford as firefighters continue to battle the blaze at the Nebraska National Forest at Halsey.

Rempe, who has been assisting Region 26 Emergency Management for the last 18+ hours, told KCNI/KBBN the number of departments and resources on scene is high into the double digits. Nebraska National Forests & Grasslands posted the “#BoveeFire” is estimated to be approximately 15,000 acres.

The fire began on Sunday afternoon with Nebraska National Forests & Grasslands saying it was likely human-caused and required campgrounds and the Village of Halsey to be evacuated.

The Nebraska State 4-H Camp located in the area of the blaze has stated there has been extensive damage at the camp with the loss of several buildings.

KCNI/KBBN has reached out to the Bessey Ranger District, Region 26, the Nebraska State 4-H Camp, and Thomas County Sheriff to confirm the number of acres burned, the cause of the fire, and any injuries or loss of life. As of Monday morning, no contact has been able to be made with the aforementioned agencies.