Gov. Ricketts Talks ’30×30′ In Broken Bow During Town Hall

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts continued his ‘Stop 30X30’ town hall tour on Monday, June 7 with stops in Wahoo and Broken Bow.

The public events have centered on the Biden Administration’s 30 by 30 plan of protecting 30% of America’s land and oceans by 2030. On Monday, Gov. Ricketts voiced his opposition to the plan citing concerns that the lack of transparency from the federal government was a red flag. According to the governor, the Department of Interior has said the program will be ‘voluntary and local,’ but he noted this must be worded this way as the federal government has no authority otherwise.

During the town hall Gov. Ricketts stated that 97% of the land in Nebraska is privately owned and if the government was allowed to come in through permanent conservation easements, CRP, or other means, it would detrimental to Nebraska and private ownership as taxes would increase for everyone. According to the governor, the amount of land that would need to be placed into the conservation plan would be approximately double the state of Texas.

He notes that while he has nothing against conservation easements or using land for CRP, Gov. Ricketts said there are steps people can take to make sure that if a landowner decides to enter a permanent conservation easement, you read the fine print.

“You’re now in business with the person who signed the agreement and the federal government to keep that conservation easement permanent,” said Gov. Ricketts.

While no specific plan has been released by the current administration on how they are going to keep the land and water in its current state and reach the goal of the 30% by 2030, Gov. Ricketts said his office and those against the plan will continue to ask questions until answers are given.

“We’re going to continue to ask the federal government to explain what they mean and continue to keep you updated,” Gov. Ricketts said.