Explosion in Taylor, Neb. Under Investigation

Explosion in Taylor, Neb. Under Investigation
An explosion near the post office in Taylor, Neb. on Tuesday, October 19. Photo: Creekside at Calamus West Facebook page.

TAYLOR–The Nebraska State Fire Marshal is currently investigating an explosion that occurred the evening of Tuesday, October 19 in Taylor, Nebraska. Region 26 Emergency Management told KCNI/KBBN on Tuesday night there was “an incident in Taylor” that is now being investigated by the state fire marshal office.

According to a an online post from the Creekside at Calamus West Facebook page, some sort of explosion occurred near the Taylor, Neb. post office.

“Just missed us! Thank god! This happened 10 seconds before we were gonna drive in front of these buildings! Gas explosion I’m guessing. We saw stuff fly out right in front of us in the road. Thank you god no one was hurt. Everyone was gone for the day in post office. This happened about 30 minutes ago in Taylor Nebraska. Wanted to share with everyone,” the post read around 5 p.m.

Comments on social media and a Sargent resident telling KCNI/KBBN indicate that the windows of areas businesses have also been blown out. Injuries are unknown at this time as the incident continues to be under investigation. KCNI/KBBN will have more information as it becomes available.