Custer County District Court Hears Five Cases Throughout Thursday

BROKEN BOW – The Custer County District Court heard five cases on Thursday.

Brandon B. Rohde, 43 of Arnold, reached a plea agreement with the court regarding his case. In exchange for pleading guilty or no contest to a charge of a third aggravated offense of driving under the influence of alcohol (a Class IIIA felony), Rohde would serve 180 days in jail to run concurrent with a pending Dawson County District Court case, as well as have his license revoked for 15 years. Rohde pled no contest, and his case moved to its sentencing phase, which will take place on January 15.

Stephen C. Thomas, 35 of Broken Bow, did not appear in court, though he was discharged from probation.

Dominique Ducote, 49 of Grand Island, failed to appear in court for her hearing, and her case was continued to December 1.

Jayme Pohl, 41 of Littleton, Colorado, also failed to appear in court. His case was continued.

Eric J. Holler, 42 of Sargent, did not appear in court as he is currently undergoing mental health evaluation and treatment. This treatment was the subject of Thursday’s hearing; specifically, if Holler should be involuntarily medicated in an effort to restore his competency to stand trial.

Holler is currently charged with two alleged counts of assault by a confined person with a weapon (Class IIA felonies) and one charge of alleged escape using force or a deadly weapon (Class IIA felony). All three charges were alleged in January of this year. No decision was handed down at the time of adjournment.