Custer Care for Healthcare Scholarship Recipients Announced

Custer Care for Healthcare Scholarship Recipients Announced
Left to Right: Tiffany Glidden, Callie White, Jessy Lowe, Jeanette Denson. White and Lowe received two of the three scholarships. Photo credit: Custer County Foundation

BROKEN BOW – Three Custer County students have been awarded this year’s Custer Care for Healthcare Scholarship.

Garrett Phillips receives one of three Custer Care for Healthcare Scholarships

Jessy Lowe, Garrett Phillips, and Callie White were granted the scholarship on August 1. Jessy Lowe is the daughter of Ron Lowe & Wanda Eberle, Garrett Phillips is the son of Mark & Lisa Phillips, and Callie White is the daughter of Brad & Andra White.  This scholarship will be used for a CNA or Med-Aid class at Mid-Plains Community College’s Broken Bow Campus.

Three scholarships were available this year through the Custer Care for Healthcare Scholarship fund administered by the Custer County Foundation. To view the Custer Care for Healthcare scholarship criteria go to the Foundation’s website.

The Custer County Foundation is dedicated to supporting students’ ongoing education.  The Foundation has established a long tradition of administering and providing scholarships to area students.  These scholarships are made available through the generosity of individuals and businesses.