Congressman Adrian Smith Visits Broken Bow

Congressman Adrian Smith made a visit to Broken Bow on Veteran’s Day to visit with constituents about the happenings in Washington D.C. while also attending the Veterans Soup and Sandwich supper at the Broken Bow Municipal Building.

During his sit-down discussion at the Broken Bow Library, which was hosted by the Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce, topics ranged from markets, stimulus payments, trade, vaccine mandates, and the IRS. He noted there are lots of challenges still to come regarding multiple areas, but specifically in the IRS where a bill currently presented would add 85,000 IRS agents. Smith said the IRS has been a focus since Bill Clinton was in office when he reduced the power of the IRS due to them harassing people.

Smith said the IRS has been under scrutiny for overstepping its authority and going after those with conservative views. In addition, Smith said he is unsure how they will be able to find anyone to fill the additional 85,000 jobs considering they are unable to find people to work the jobs currently available.

Tax reform was another issue Smith spoke about, centering on bringing more companies back to the United States. He mentioned over 4,000 companies have moved out of the United States due to a tax code that does not make it feasible for companies to stay in the U.S.

Trade was also brought up where the Congressman said this administration has not shown trade being a priority. He said through the Trump administration trade was a focus and the U.S. was aggressive with trade which allowed some ground to be made up, where it had been lacking previously. Smith said he hopes this administration makes trade a focus so they do not lose ground.

“Amidst our challenges, I still think we are the greatest country in the world. More opportunity than anywhere else in the world. I want to make sure that we continue to build more opportunities for future generations,” said Congressman Smith.


Congressman Adrian Smith thanks veterans for their service during soup and sandwich supper at the Broken Bow Municipal Building.