Community Invited to Join in Novena (9 Day Prayer) for Rain

CALLAWAY–Despite some rain on Friday, more rain is needed! A group from St. Boniface Catholic Church in Callaway is putting together a Novena (a nine-day prayer with a specific intention) for more rain.

Mary Ridder told KCNI/KBBN she appreciates all of the work local firefighters have done to keep communities safe but she worries what the rest of the year will look like without more moisture.

“We wanted to invite everybody–doesn’t matter what church or if a church–we wanted to invite people to join us in praying. This is a prayer for rain because it sure looks like we’re in a drought,” Ridder said.

Beginning on Sunday, May 1 (and throughout the Novena) everyone is invited to pray at least once a day for their pastures, crops, lawns, gardens, etc.

“We thought, I’m sure people are praying for rain so let’s join our prayers together and do it over a nine-day period,” Ridder told KCNI/KBBN.

Ridder said she and members of St. Boniface Catholic Church came up with the idea after seeing a similar story in a livestock publication about a priest in western Wyoming who invited people to pray for rain.

Contact Mary Ridder at 402-450-0431 for more information about how to participate in the Novena or for a prayer card. Prayer cards were distributed at the Catholic churches in Arnold, Callaway, and Stapleton but Ridder said all people are invited to pray and they do not have to use the same words or prayer cards.