City Council Extends Grace Period For Nuisance Property; Free Tree Dump Day June 12

BROKEN BOW— The first meeting in June for the Broken Bow City Council was about as simple as it gets. On Tuesday, June 8 the Council only had two items on the agenda which was information on the free tree dump on Saturday, June 12, and a nuisance property at 139 South 14th Ave. At a previous meeting, City Administrator Dan Knoell told the Council the property owner had been warned that he needed to make improvements to the home or the city would step in and demolish it.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Knoell stated the roof of the home was still open, but improvements had been made in the last few weeks and recommended setting a deadline within the next few months. Greg Barker, who owns the property, spoke during the meeting and said progress has been slow due to the foundation being in such poor shape. He also said that he has multiple rental properties that also have required his attention which has not allowed him to dedicate time solely to the nuisance property.

Barker said his plan is to finish the foundation and also the addition which will allow him to complete the roof as the line will change. David Schmidt said he had walked around the property earlier in the day and said progress is being made and it is not just promises. A deadline of October 1 was given by the Council for the work on the property to be completed.

Knoell also spoke about a free tree dump day that will be held on Saturday, June 12 from 10 AM to Noon and 1 PM to 5:30 PM. Any residential property will be able to dump trees and tree branches, wood pallets, lumber, grass clippings, leaves and yard waste, and other materials for no cost. The free day does not apply to commercial business/landscaping companies. Knoell said that with the warm weather and properties around town cleaning up their residences he felt the free day was necessary. A complete list of materials accepted can be found at

Also approved was the Broken Bow Volunteer Fire Department firework application and Loud and Proud fireworks application.