Chamber of Commerce Family Balloons by Three

BROKEN BOW – The Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce welcomed to its family three new businesses Thursday in a whirlwind of an afternoon.

The newest branch of Nebraska Owners Insurance Agency, K Cleaning, and Earl’s Autoglass all snipped the red ribbon, firmly planting the foot of business in the door of Broken Bow.

Nebraska Owners Insurance Agency joined the Broken Bow Chamber on St. Patrick’s Day of 2022, roughly four months ago. The agency has locations in Lincoln, Omaha, Albion, and Callaway; the addition of a Broken Bow office is a boon to both town and business as the full range of Nebraska Owners’ services become more readily available.

The firm offers all manner of insurance policies and coverage, including, according to newest employee Tina Hurt, “Home, auto, life, health, farm, ranch, and options for crops as well.”

Nebraska Owners Insurance Agency will be open 5 days a week: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 9 a.m. to noon on Friday, and can be contacted by phone at (308) 872-6996.

K Cleaning joined the Chamber of Commerce in June, a mere month ago. The impressive business is headed by Kai Russell, and blossomed from a side gig to supplement full-time income to a full-blown company with four employees in only a year.

Kai Russell, left of Senator Matt Williams, celebrates the opening of K Cleaning.

Russell has made her name cleaning houses and businesses, but already has plans for expansion. “We’re looking to expand, to move further into lots of different types of cleaning. We’re looking for post-construction, smoke removal, a bunch of other things.”

When asked about hours of operation for her exploding business, the ambitious Russell answered in a single word: “Yes.”

Earl’s Autoglass of Cozad is no stranger to doing business in Broken Bow, but is looking to become a new face on the block. Having successfully operated their business for five years, the Earl couple plans to become a staple in Broken Bow through Chamber membership, according to John. “We’re hoping to do more business, to expand into this area.”

Earl’s Autoglass of Cozad looks to move into the neighborhood.

Senator Matt Williams was present to congratulate the new Chamber members in person, praising the community for its continued, sustained growth.

“Broken Bow is a community that continues to do it right,” the senator said. “They find ways to grow. They’re very active and aggressive in doing that, and this is just an example of that: today we get to cut the ribbon for three different businesses. It’s a great day for Custer County and Broken Bow.”