Cain USA Beef Opens Doors Officially in Broken Bow

Cain USA Beef Opens Doors Officially in Broken Bow
Maureen Cain holds the scissors next to husband Dr. Don Cain. The duo opened their location in September.

BROKEN BOW – When customers first walk in the doors of Cain USA Beef’s headquarters in Broken Bow, the first face they’re likely to see will be Dominator, a Colorado State University bull owned in part by Cain USA Beef’s head, Dr. Don Cain.

In true partnership with his wife Maureen, the pair have built a hefty beef empire with the aim of shipping their choice cuts regionally, nationally, and beyond.

In fact, the pair have already developed quite a network, considering their doors have been officially open in Broken Bow only since September: it spans from Washington state to a little further east than the Missouri River.

Dominator is the official greeter at Cain USA Beef.

“We also have an offshoot export business that we’re continuing to grow that’s currently working over in China.”

That export business has helped the Cain duo distribute their beef into Asian markets as high-class as the Waldorf-Astoria Shanghai’s menu, where it will soon appear, but the goal for Cain USA Beef, Maureen explains, has always been to remain closer to home.

“We want to be able to sell our prime-grade, all-natural, no-growth hormone beef to the United States. So you can come here and buy quarters, halves, by the steak or the box.”

Dr. Don Cain is no stranger to the beef world; he’s a fifth-generation cattleman who for the past 35 years has paid particular attention to qualities that render superior beef cattle; his recipe for success involves targeting two genetic traits: marbling and birth weight. By pinpointing these throughout their selections of Red Angus and Hereford cattle, the Cains have developed quite a flavorful formula.

Cain USA Beef is open from 1:30 to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and weekends by appointment, and nearly always by phone at (308) 880-1505 and email. A website is in the works.