Broken Bow City Council Approves TIF Contract for Propsed Housing Project

Broken Bow City Council Approves TIF Contract for Propsed Housing Project
Broken Bow City Council during the Octoebr 26, 2021 meeting

BROKEN BOW–The Broken Bow City Council convened on Tuesday, October 26 and approved Resolution 2021-11 which approves the TIF (tax increment financing) contract for MW Real estate Investment Group, LLC. The group plans to build a two-story, six-unit apartment building at the corner of 6th and C Streets in Broken Bow, according to the meeting agenda.

Dan Knoell said the planning commission also recommended voting yes on the resolution as the project with help with a housing shortage.

Under old business, the council discussed a memorandum of understanding pertaining to the nuisance property located at 139 South 14th Avenue.

City Administrator Dan Knoell said this is an understanding between the city and Greg Barker to extend the current project deadline to June 1 for full project completion that comply with city code (regarding safety and nuisance abatement). Mayor Rod Sonnichsen said the understanding states that the current structure needs completed by June 1.

During the meeting, Mr. Barker first stated he would not sign because of plans for a bigger addition. Jacob Holcomb said an addition would require a separate permit.

Chris Myers said the house was originally purchased at a public auction with a timeline.

“We appreciate your hard work but fix it. No more extensions. Addition or not, we just need it fixed. We’re trying to be nice but there needs to be some accountability,” saying the council has spent too much time discussing the issue.

Regarding new business, the city council voted to waive the three readings and then approve Ordinance 1248 Vacation of Washington Street following a public hearing. Washington Street is located off of 3rd Avenue and N. Street with surrounding property owned by Clinton and Lori Lambrecht.

Sonnichsen said the the street is very old, unknown, and is holding off the ability to improve the nearby property. Counciman Dave Schmidt said he has lived near there for most of his adult life and never knew the street existed. Sonnichsen recommended vacating the road because there are no city easements and the ordinance was approved in a 3 to 1 vote.

Two more public hearings were held and both resolutions were approved for the Jim and Kathy Varney Lot Split (Resolution 2021-19) and Dan and Terrie Scofield Lot Split (Resolution 2021-20).

The city one and six year plans were also approved with Mayor Sonnichsen saying many of the one-year items are already scheduled.

The council adjorned at 6:35 p.m. and will meet again on Tuesday, November 9 at 6 p.m.