Board of Supervisors Recap: October 11

BROKEN BOW – The Custer County Board of Supervisors convened for their first October meeting on Tuesday, the 11. All board members were present save board chairman Barry Fox; Supervisor Longmore stood in as acting chair for the meeting.

There were no tax corrections from the Board of Equalization, though the delinquent tax list for the year was distributed; curiously, none of the properties on the list are rural.

The board voted to direct the county treasurer to pay the remaining balance of the County Building Bond Series 2015 in full; that motion saved the county just over $46,000. It passed, with Supervisor Stunkel casting the only negative vote.

Bids for the ongoing Comstock bridge project were opened; the board received two bids by the 10:15 a.m. deadline. The first, from Saul Ramos Construction out of Shelton, Nebraska, estimated a total cost of $285,876 with “substantial completion” estimated by July 14 of 2023. The second bid, from Myers Construction of Broken Bow, came with a $358,278.40 price tag. The board voted to approve the first bid contingent on its review by project engineer Oak Creek Engineering, who estimated the project’s cost to be $305,000.

The board also reviewed applications for two open employment positions within the county; no motion or vote was required.

The recycling manager delivered the quarterly report, which indicated the market for most recyclables was down from last year, sometimes by a significant margin. Paper was the exception.

Additionally, the supervisors heard Kilfoil Township’s appeal to close a road; the board voted to relinquish the road to the township, which will then vote on the matter at their next meeting.

The cell phone policy was again brought forth for discussion, this time with a fully drafted resolution courtesy of the county attorney’s office. After discussion and a small bit of confusion regarding who exactly would be covered, and with how many phones, the resolution was tabled until the next meeting.

Another tabled item was a road discussion regarding Custer Township.

Resolutions 39 and 40, both handling the substitution of securities for Bruning and Flatwater Banks, passed unanimously, as did the county levies for the upcoming fiscal year.

The meeting adjourned at 11:05 a.m.