Bids For Sheriff’s Vehicle, Material Projects, And More Decided During Supervisors Meeting

The Custer County Board of Supervisors held their first regular meeting of November on Tuesday with a full agenda to tackle.

At a previous meeting, material bids and bids for contractor letting were accepted by the board and forwarded to the highway committee for a selection. On Tuesday, the board rejected the material bids on the Callaway NE project but accepted the bids on the Callaway SW project from Contech Engineering for $74,110.

Highway Superintendant Chris Jacobsen said the highway department would do the labor for the Callaway SW project and, following the Supervisors approval, Husker Engineering would complete the entire Callaway NE project for $200,609.

A single bid was also selected by the Supervisors for the purchase of a pickup for the Custer County Sheriff’s Office. Three bids were received for the vehicle from Ranchland Ford, Sandhills Motors, and Gateway Motors. The bid from Gateway was accepted for a 2022 Chevrolet pickup for $46,691. Sheriff Dan Osmond told the board they were in need of the new vehicle, but none of the vehicles that met the specifications of the bid were in stock. He noted it was unknown when it would be delivered, but the hope would be within the next few months.

Also approved was amending a Community Development Block Grant to a forgivable loan for PerforMax Ag Tuning and also allowing Cheri’s Place & Co. to buy out the remaining principal and interest as the store was going to be sold.

Discussions were also held at the Custer County Recycling Center on finding ways to reduce some of the expenses. Currently, the center is budgeted for $167,323 and last year brought in around $40,000 in revenue, putting the loss to the county around $127,000. The Supervisors discussed ways to help reduce some of the expenses including having the trailers be brought to the center instead of having Recycling Manager Kelly Flynn driving out to get them. No decision was made, but further discussion on the Recycling Center is likely going to take place at the next meeting.