Bakko Transfer, Inc. Announces Organizations New Identity

Bakko Transfer, Inc. Announces Organizations New Identity
Bakko Transfer Inc. new logo.

The Bakko Transfer, Inc. name has been officially announced as the organization’s new identity. Derived from the name of the owners’ family, the Bakko family business model has led to great success by focusing on customer service.

“On behalf of the Bakko family we are excited to bring our brand of customer service excellence to the hay industry in central Nebraska,” said Rachel Bakko, Co- owner at Bakko Transfer, Inc.

In 2020, the Bakko family from Glenwood, MN, seized on the opportunity to acquire the V.C. Howard Hay and the H & H Hay Moving Companies in Litchfield, NE. (Click here to view the April 11, 2020 story.) The combined companies started operation under the name Howard Hay Company. In the spring of 2021, the Howard Hay Company acquired the Hay-4-You Company of Arcadia, NE.

“The time is right to rebrand this organization with the Bakko name,” said Rachel Bakko.

Bakko Transfer buys, sells, hauls and grinds hay and other forage crops year ‘round. Bakko Transfer is specialized in handling and processing forage crops for the livestock industry. A fleet of specialty equipment, with experienced operators, custom grind and pack high moisture corn, as well as push and pack silage for many operations across central Nebraska. In addition, they operate a full-service automotive repair shop for trucks and passenger vehicles in Litchfield, NE.

Founded in 2002, Bakko Bros., Inc. laid the foundation for business ventures that followed; Bakko Industries, Inc. in 2005 and Bakko Transfer, Inc. in 2020. The Bakko mission, “Driven to exceed your customer service expectations!”