Feature film on Standing Bear to be shot in Nebraska

FREMONT, NE — The lights, cameras and stars of Hollywood are coming to Nebraska to share a truly Nebraskan story with the rest of the world.

Production company Anonymous Content and producer, director and writer Andrew Troy recently announced plans for the film “I Am A Man.” The screenplay is based on a book by University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor Joe Starita, which documents Chief Standing Bear’s 600-mile journey to Nebraska to bury his son in the Ponca tribe’s traditional burial grounds.

Troy says audiences will be drawn to the story because of its focus on human rights.

“There is always an element of civil rights within the United States that I think people gravitate towards,” Troy said. “This story will resonate with them.”

Troy says he’s had a bigger reaction to this screenplay than any other he’s worked on in 20 years.  The ensemble cast will feature Native American actors playing the native roles.  He says the excitement around the project could lead to multiple A-list actors portraying the non-native characters.  Troy says that mix is unique in feature films.

“You basically need those Hollywood A-list actors to sell into the worldwide market,” Troy said.  “So that’s the unique opportunity that this specific film presents that’s very different from other films that we’ve seen so far.”

Troy says this story really wouldn’t have happened if the citizens of Nebraska in 1879 didn’t get behind Standing Bear in his journey and his need to bury his son.

“In a similar way, I would like Nebraskans to embrace this project and get behind this project so we can share this story with the rest of the world,” Troy said.

Anonymous Content is the same company which produced Oscar winners “Spotlight” and “The Revenant.”   Troy says the film will be shot almost entirely in Nebraska with the crew using Fremont as a base camp.  The next step in development is determining how the film will be released