4 County Heating & Air, LLC Cuts Ribbon and Joins BB & Callaway Chambers

4 County Heating & Air, LLC Cuts Ribbon and Joins BB & Callaway Chambers
The owners and employees of 4 County Heating & Air were joined by friends, family, and Lt. Gov. Mike Foley as they cut the ribbon and joined the BB and Callaway chambers on August 20.

BROKEN BOW—An exciting day in Broken Bow concluded with the ribbon cutting celebration of 4 County Heating & Air, LLC located at 314 South 7th Ave.

4 County Heating & Air welcomed family, friends, and Nebraska Lieutenant Governor Mike Foley to the ribbon cutting and open house on Thursday, August 20 and is a proud member of both the Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce and Callaway Chamber.

Owners Brian Hogg and Austin Cox started the business in January 2020 having purchased the equipment from Holcomb Mechanical after owner Scott Holcomb moved away from the area. The co-owners have a combined more than 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry.

“I had a buddy that went to heating and air school in North Platte and he’s like, ‘why don’t you hop on the band wagon’ and that’s what I did and I love what I do and it’s a good business and I’ll always have work to do,” Austin Cox told KCNI/KBBN.

Brian Hogg said he became interested in the field after high school and said despite COVID-19, he and Austin have stayed busy serving Custer County, the sand hills, Ainsworth, Sidney, Cozad, and McCook.

(L-R) Tyler Sleicher, Austin Gruber, and owners Austin Cox and Brian Hogg

Austin and Brian, along with their employees Austin Gruber and Tyler Sleicher, offer services related to air, cooled air conditioning, heat pumps, geothermal, in-floor heating, radiant heating for shops, water heaters, ventilation, and exhaust. They provide free estimates, 24-hour service, sales, and installation and are excited to continue getting their name out to the public.

“It’s a good feeling. It’s been kind of mind blowing how fast that we took off. We didn’t know if people would hear our name if they’d know us or anything, business took off fast and it’s been good. We’re proud to serve the community still,” Hogg said regarding the last several months. “We’re getting our name out there and it’s growing, growing fast!” Austin Cox added.

Brian and his wife Sara with their two kids, and Austin with his wife Macy and their two kids welcomed several family members and friends to the festivities last week after the event had to be postponed because of COVID-19.

“It’s been very humbling the amount of support that we’ve had through the beginning of everything and just the start with COVID-19 and stuff going on we’ve had tons of support. We love to stay in Custer County and be able to keep everybody heated in the winter time and cool in the summer,” Brian Hogg said.

Lt. Governor Mike Foley spoke at all of last Thursday’s events offering congratulations and best wishes to the local business owners.

“I see these beautiful young families taking over an established business. I’m sure Brian and Austin have lots of energy, lots of ideas, they’re going to take this business to new heights and they’re creating a future for this community and for their families. So this is an exciting day for Nebraska to see young people stepping up and saying ‘you know what this business has been in town for all these years, we’re going to take it over and we’re going to take it to the next level.’ So you’re going to help build Nebraska and we wish you all the best as you do so, God bless!” Lt. Gov. Foley said.

Brian and Sara’s son added, “I’m proud of my dad!” as they officially cut the ribbon to 4 County Heating & Air.

(L-R) Austin Cox and Brian Hogg watch as Brian and Sara’s son cut the ribbon to 4 County Heating & Air.