Washington County (KS) high school student organizes livestock show

WASHINGTON, KS — A northeast Kansas high school student is planning and hosting her own livestock show.

Washington County Senior Shailyn Zenger is pursuing the show through the school’s new Project Based Learning curriculum. Each student is required to choose a subject, research it, plan the project and work with a mentor. Zenger chose her topic because of her passion for showing livestock.

Zenger says she organized all aspects of the show including picking the date and location, designing and ordering prizes, finding sponsors, securing judges and checking facilities. In a Facebook post, Zenger says she originally set her sponsorship goal at $4,000 for the show, which is called The Washington Wabash. She quickly surpassed her goal and now is offering more than $10,000 in prizes.

Participants will show goats and sheep on Saturday, May 8 and show hogs and cattle on Sunday. Early entry forms must be postmarked by April 30.

You can find more information about the Washington Wabash show on the event's Facebook page and website.