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Updates on North Platte River water supply

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) -On April 9, the Bureau of Reclamation- Wyoming office presented information about the North Platte River water supply and the Glendo reservoir. There is incoming snowmelt. The Bureau of Wyoming shared that the reservoirs have additional storage and preparation that they are holding water for the incoming drought season.

“Things are looking good right now, things can change suddenly,” said Chief Water and Civil Work Branch, Wyoming Area Office Michael Follum. “We can get more storms means more snow or rain which then leads to more water in the system which is always good.”

If there are no additional storms, there could be less water in the reservoirs. As we are entering into the runoff season, we could see more water stored during this time.

“Typically, we get the most water in our system between April through July,” said Follum. “The water from the snow is melting and coming into the reservoir system. We do get spring rains. The water for irrigation we typically see starts on May 1.”

The North Platte River water levels are about an average for this time of year.