Stothert not ruling out another run in four years

Positioned to win an unprecedented third term in tomorrow’s Omaha city election, Mayor Jean Stothert tells News Channel Nebraska she’s not discounting another run in four years.

NCN’s JOE JORDAN: Mayor, if you win will you be a lame duck?

STOTHERT: I hope I’m never considered a lame duck because if I win and I’m in my third term, I’m not saying that’s it for me either.

[See our full video report above including the ripple effect of the mayor's race in one key city council battle]

Stothert, a Republican, won the five-person April 6 primary against four other Democrats, with 57 percent of the vote.

The leading Democrat, RJ Neary, who garnered 16 percent of the vote to advance to Tuesday’s general election tells NCN believes his message of change is “resounding with people.”

NCN's JOE JORDAN: Anything you would have done differently in this campaign?

NEARY: There’s always things you would do a little better…you could always use more money. It’s been a pretty unusual campaign with things outside of our control.

According to the Douglas County Election Commissioner, about 28 percent of the city’s registered voters turned out in the primary and he’s expecting about 35 percent in the general.