Small town housing shortage

TILDEN, Neb. -Positive outlook for residential real estate continues through the pandemic. 

The demand is overpowering supply, and effects of that combination are seen in Tilden.

There are no houses on the market in the town of over 1,100.

"You can go up every block and you don't have a house for sale," said Larry Bartee, an Elkhorn Valley Real Estate Broker.

Bartee says the shortage is partly due to the age range of residents.

"We've got a younger group that has their houses, they aren't going to be for sale," said Bartee. "We got some older [people] that aren't ready to get out of their houses yet." 

Not only did people play a role in the real estate surge, but also the pandemic.

A review of home listing prices shows increases during the pandemic and an additional spike during the first two months, according to Nebraska Public Media. 

With big demand, the city is in need of space, but Bartee said that might be difficult.

"We're kind of trapped here," said Bartee. "You can't just expand on the edge of town because we've got farm ground all around."

But the town is finding a way to make room, with a new development of 15 lots of land where the old nursing home used to be. 

Bartee expects the land to be done in two months.