Runza Sues Texas Business

LINCOLN- One of Nebraska’s most famous restaurants is accusing a Texas business of breaking trademark laws.

Runza National filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court last week against Doug and David Alexander and their business, Texas Runza Kings, LLC.

In the lawsuit, Runza says the Texas business is using Runza’s name for food commercial purposes.

Runza also says that the men are selling a sandwich that is ‘nearly identical’ to a Runza and claims its quality to be inferior to their products.

The lawsuit says Texas Runza Kings, LLC has been using the Runza name since 2019, despite it being a federally registered mark since 1950.

The Nebraska restaurant appealed the Alexanders’ trademark application. Runza says the men have failed to cease and desist the use of the trademark.

The Alexanders have used the Runza name several times on social media. Runza’s attorneys provided 35 examples from the men’s Facebook pages in the suit.

The Facebook images suggests the men have been selling the sandwiches at a farmer’s market and over the phone for about $6 a piece.

Runza is asking the court to order the rejection of a trademark for Texas Runza Kings and for monetary damages.