Randolph flood mitigation ahead of schedule

RANDOLPH -- The city of Randolph is ahead of schedule for phase one in the community's project to mitigate flood risks.

Much of the city of Randolph sits in a flood plain. To minimize that risk, city officials have come up with a plan. They want to widen the river channels that run through town and add new bridges.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has designed the renovations in Randolph. They say the first phase of the project is a year ahead of schedule.

"We're looking to open our first bridge replacement by father's day weekend, so we're pretty excited," said Jennifer Gitt of the USACE. 

Their efforts suffered a setback last week; when the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District rejected Randolph's request for more money for the next phase of construction.

City officials say that means they will have to find cheaper, alternative materials to replace more bridges.

The city will start accepting bids for phase 2 contractors in the fall.