Petition to remove David City’s mayor

DAVID CITY -- One man is set on removing Mayor Alan Zavodny from office. 

Following the mask mandate, Gerald Kosch, a Vietnam veteran and corn farm owner, became set on removing Zavodny. 

"The government which governs best governs less," he said, "and they keep increasing their government."

Kosch said the mandate was against the constitution because it was an executive order. 

Mayor Zavodny stated, "If issuing a mask mandate saved one life, it was worth it."

Kosch told NCN his thoughts on this statement were: "What about the fact that I have to stand six feet apart from people at church? Or what about the [depression] isolation can cause?"

Kosch continued that the mayor's statement overlooked the financial pains the mask mandate caused. Though, when asked if Kosch had lost money due to the mandate, he said no. 

Besides the executive order's constitutional place, Kosch was extremely against the health benefits of a mask. 

Kosch will need to recieve 275 signatures for his petition. He will be stationed near the retired bank in David City, near E Street, he said.