Omaha man facing attempted murder charges after video emerges

OMAHA, Neb. – A court affidavit says a woman found a video on her mobile phone in which her boyfriend, 38-year-old David Coleman, was shown hanging her 2-year-old daughter with a scarf.

The document says the woman described seeing Coleman hanging the girl from a shelf in a building. She said she recognized the facility as a storage unit on 129th Street.

Footage of the incident lasted approximately five minutes, according to the document.

"The victim hanged by her neck, losing the ability to breathe and losing consciousness," the affidavit reads. "After the victim lost consciousness, the suspect could be seen grabbing her roughly by the chest and lifting her with the ligature still tied to her neck to release the pressure just enough to allow her to breathe, gasp, cry and gurgle, before dropping her into the hanging position again."

The child’s mother reported the storage unit incident to police in December. Coleman has pleaded not guilty to two charges of attempted murder.

Another video was found on Coleman’s phone by detectives. In it, he was shown wrapping a scarf tightly around the same child’s neck while she was in a car seat.

"The victim can be seen turning red and blue in the face," the affidavit reads.

There were no long-term physical injuries suffered by the child, according to officials.