Norfolk residents, state senators show support for Convention of States

NORFOLK -- Three senators and more than one hundred people showed up at the Norfolk Public Library to discuss a possible convention of states, Friday evening. 

A convention of states is an act which would allow for states to vote to amend the constitution, should three fourths agree on something.

The bill to pass Nebraska's support of such a convention is proposed by Nebraska State Senator Steve Halloran. Senators Mike Flood (who owns NCN) and Senator Tim Gragert were also in attendance to show support and hear from their constituents. 

The senators want to put more power back into the people's hands. They discussed how possible amendments could limit politician term limits and cut down on government spending. 

"My confidence is really high it will pass Nebraska legislature," Halloran said.

The challenge will be to get enough other states to pass similar legislation. Although, there were many people Friday -- the most the movement has seen in a turnout in Norfolk.

Voters such as Scott Greise of David City are excited about a change of government systems. "I think the federal government has overstepped their bounds," he said. 

Similar complaints at the meeting included too much focus on the presidential seat. 

Still, some felt that this option was not a possible or helpful solution; that it would still require "career politicians" to speak for many people at once.

Others are concerned about the possibility of it 34 states to come to an agreement.

Supporters say that the only way to defeat those challenges is to spread the word, and ask your senators to back it.