Morton-James Public Library Reopens

NEBRASKA CITY- For Morton-James Public Library in Nebraska City, national library week was more than just a celebration for the four walls of their building.

Library Director Donna Kruse says that the library will open its doors to the public for the first time since March 18th, 2020.

“So, it just timed out with national library week was going to work for us,” Kruse said. “Now, the building is open so everyone can browse. We are glad to invite everyone back into the building.”

One Nebraska City native was elated to return inside Morton-James Public Library. 

“I was excited because I just haven’t been in it (Morton-James Public Library) in a long time,” library frequent Connor Callen said. “So it was exciting to be back in.”

Although the library was closed for a full calendar year, Kruse says that Morton-James adapted to CDC guidelines and found a way to still provide books to Nebraska City.

“We never did stop serving people,” Kruse said. “We still had reserves picked up in our lobby, which is one of the services we will continue post COVID.”

Morton-James reopened April 5th for full capacity, but Kruse says that the library and visitors will still need to maintain a six foot distance from others if possible. 

Connor Callen is thrilled to just be able to be back in Morton-James Public Library and dive right back into his favorite genre of book.

“Honestly, I would probably say fiction books,” Callen said. “Just any type of fiction books, except for ones that are scarier. I don’t like scary books.”