Locals weigh in on chlorine shortage

NORFOLK — A chlorine shortage is impacting swimmers across the country.  Norfolk pool vendors have not been impacted (yet) by the national issue, though.

Tropical Waters owner Kristy Braun said her company ordered chlorine well ahead of the shortage. Her worry is that people will potentially buy in bulk out of fear, though, causing greater supply issues. 

“We have a lot of people calling about it… we’ll be fine as long as people aren’t overbuying,” she said. 

If supply does run out, there are other options, such as hydrogen peroxide. People in northeast Nebraska often have a lot of iron in their water, which hydrogen peroxide can be better for anyway. 

“Either works, we just prefer chlorine…hydrogen peroxide works really well in certain situations,” Braun said. 

Nationwide, the shortage could impact approximately 5.2 million residential swimming pools, according to analysts.

It could lead to a rise in mosquito population. 

“If we don’t have some sanitizer in the water then you get mosquito growth,” said Ten Anderson of Pool Environments, Inc.