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Lincoln County working on updating wooden bridges

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) -During the Lincoln County Commissioners meeting on March 29, the Highway Superintendent accompanied by a local engineer opened up a discussion about the conditions of Ingham Bridge.

Ingham Bridge is one of the many bridges the county is working to replace. The county is looking to update bridges with either steel or concrete. Right now, wooden bridges are a concern due to maintenance needed on them every few years.

An estimated cost to update Igham Bridge is around $140,000 for a permanent fix to the bridge. Lincoln County roads are for, working on various plans to make the bridges in the county more efficient to those who use them daily.

“The challenge we are having is the fact that ironically if we did it in-house we would probably not save any money because we would be tying up resources, manpower or equipment that could be doing other things. So with that, we are probably looking at taking that bid for concrete,” said Kent Weems, Lincoln County Commissioners District #2.

No decisions regarding bridges have been made.