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Game & Parks caring for horse shown in social media posts

SHUBERT, Neb. - After photos of sick-looking horses at Indian Cave State Park started making the rounds on the internet, the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission says it is tending to the animals.

A spokesman for the parks said earlier this week that they “acknowledge the concerns shared by the public.”

Jim Swenson of Nebraska Game and Parks said veterinarian reports indicate that the overall condition of the herd is good. There were two horses that needed attention this winter and one horse is receiving special care now.

He said veterinarians have made on-site visits and additional visits are scheduled. The horse is receiving senior feed and other prescribed treatments.

Read the full statement from Game & Parks here:

“The well-being of the horses at Indian Cave State Park is a top priority for park staff and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.
We acknowledge the concerns shared by the public and offer that in accordance with professional veterinary assessment and recommendations, horses have been provided senior feed and other treatment.
Horses are monitored on a regular basis and veterinarians have made on-site visits in recent weeks at the request of park staff; additional visits are scheduled. Prescribed feeding and treatments are ongoing. Our actions have been guided by the professional recommendations of these veterinarians, and they will continue to be in the future.”