Froeschl: Railroads built Falls City, could be big part of next chapter

FALLS CITY – Lucas Froeschl told county commissioners Tuesday he is settled in with his new role as executive director of Falls City Economic Development and Growth Enterprise and is optimistic about the city’s railroad potential.

He said Falls City is served by both the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroads.

Froeschl: “It’s been brought to my attention that there are only, maybe, three spots in the entire Midwest that has railroad access to BNSF and UP with the amount of undeveloped land that we have.

“The railroad built our town. When I was growing up and going to kindergarten, I lost some friends because the railroad was leaving town, but I do believe that could be our next chapter.”

He said former director Becky Cromer has been available for consultation over his first six weeks as EDGE continues its mission of business retention and new development.

Current activities include work toward getting approval from the Nebraska Department of Transportation for a new road connecting Community Medical Center with Highway 73. Froeschl said the new street will be an asset to the developing 19-acre north commercial corridor.

EDGE has received a new housing study and continues to work on street improvements for the Champion Crossing housing area.