Felony abuse case involving former Leyton teacher bound to district court

DALTON, NE — A former Leyton schools educator facing felony charges has had his case bound to district court. 

Dana Jeppson is facing two felony counts of intentional child abuse and a misdemeanor charge of third degree sexual assault. 

According to court records, the Cheyenne County Sheriff's Office received a report in January Jeppson had sent inappropriate messages to a minor in September 2020. Court documents indicate Jeppson taught at Leyton Public Schools from 2012-2017 and had the minor as a student at one point. 

Jeppson told investigators in March he had sent messages to the minor and told authorities he was "just trying to be funny" and "didn't mean to upset anyone," according to court documents. 

Then in May, another person came forward and told police Jeppson inappropriately touched them when they were 15 on multiple occasions. The person also told authorities Jeppson has asked for sexual pictures and told them to "keep this between us," according to court records. 

According to court documents, the person told investigators they came forward because they did not want other children to go through what they had and they believe there are other victims of Jeppson out there.

Authorities then issued an arrest warrant for Jeppson and he was taken into custody in May. 

The case began in county court, but has recently been bound to district court. Jeppson will be arraigned on Monday, June 14. 

Jeppson was at one point being considered for the interim superintendent position at Leyton Public Schools in January when current superintendent Chris Geary was placed on paid leave. Days before a meeting was set to take place to vote on Jeppson taking the role, the item was removed from the meeting's agenda and his name was taken out of the running.

The board then hired Chuck Bunner as interim superintendent who served in the position until Geary was reinstated in.